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The Journey till now

In June 2017, I visited “Ashadaan”, the foster home for mentally- disadvantaged girls, for the first time to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. I went there to bring smiles to their faces but instead, that day completely changed my life. Seeing the condition they live in, a chill went through my spine and it moved me beyond words.


We are blessed to live a life of ease and comfort still we crib for pity things day in and day out, and here these girls are struggling for basic necessities and still they are all smiles and never complain. Despite being mentally-disadvantaged, living in a shelter home with bare minimum amenities, these girls have the largest hearts in the world.


The way their faces lit up at the smallest of things, their innocence, their unpretentious mindset and their positivity despite all hazards, was an inspiration.


These realizations made me introspect, and I determined to work to make a difference to their lives, for better. I along with my team at Vivekanand School started this initiative called Udaan, an afternoon school for these special girls.


Udaan is a small effort to tell the world that they are as much a part of this world as anyone else is. They don’t deserve to be looked down with pity but to be respected and loved with dignity. And this is how this beautiful journey started. Though it wasn’t an easy journey so far.


Every day is a new challenge but every day is a new learning as well. From facing problems in understanding their language to their frequent mood swings because of their medical condition to the struggle they face in doing the simplest tasks, each and every challenge was dealt with positivity and patience by the entire team putting in their heart and soul into this project. And these girls have proved that everything is possible with hard work and grit by giving a successful TEDx performance that was loved by all.


The wonderful stuff they are making is handcrafted with love and lots of hard work that they have invested and all the funds raised go to the renovation of their foster home. And the love we get from them is the highest level of contentment one could ever achieve. So with hope in our heart and ecstasy in our soul, we continue to bring some smiles in their life and help them live a life of dignity. Looking forward to compassionate hearts to help us in making a difference and creating a livable world for these wonderful souls.


The Founder’s Message

Life is the right of every individual. Not a special privilege for the fortunate, the planned and the perfect. 

Megha Ahuja
Founder, Udaan
Director, Vivekanand School

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